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Company Profile

Faisal Town Pvt.Ltd along with its associated companies ZEDEM International Pvt.Ltd , Margalla City Pvt.Ltd and CAM Construction Pvt.Ltd , by the Grace of Almighty Allah has become synonymous to high-quality state-of-the-art housing projects in Pakistan

A leader is a dealer in hope (Napoleon Bonaparte)

Ch. Abdul Majeed

Chairman, Faisal Town the man who completely reshaped the real estate sector in the Federal Capital of Pakistan. With his diversified experience spread over three decades Ch. Abdul Majeed single handedly transformed the real estate business in the capital city by dedication and deliverance of his commitments. Above all Ch. Abdul Majeed shared his success with of hundreds of businessmen around him working along under his visionary leadership and guidance and titivated their lives with his patronage.


Our mission is to establish credibility with hard work, competence, and transparency. Providing high living standards to the people around and redefining housing schemes entirely.


Our vision is to redefine sustainable property development and lead the market to set new benchmarks as we believe in profit for purpose. As a real-estate company that provides an EXCELLENT & CONSISTENT customer experience 100% of the time by providing high living standards to the people around.


Our core values are Trust, Commitment, Integrity, Transparency, Determination and our Passion to fulfill our promises towards our stakeholders.

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Our Team

No great task can be achieved without a great team. Professionalism requires ethical approach to work as well as competency sets to perform tasks and assignments undertaken. We are blessed to have a set of professional individuals who are highly skilled, competent and well aware of their respective scopes of work. Our entire team comprises of engineers, managers, designers, constructors, customer representatives, support personnel and front desk officers. We have created a focus of customer delight among our team members, which you will experience at Faisal Town.

Ch. Abdul Majeed


Khan Ahmed Saleem

Managing Director

Azam Virk

Director Cam Construction

Asad Khan

Director FMC

Head Office Facility Tour

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